Route Pack

Why make the trip with forfet?

Because it comes to account, you have more services, allows you to make the journey without carrying cash, and also helps Cavalls del Vent® to continue innovating.

Extra services of the pass for all shelters:

  • Free WIFI
  • Free Mobile Charge
  • Free Shower
  • Online booking
  • Telephone service to plan the trip


50€ (Valued at 76€)

  • Hoko Esport® shorts
  • Buff® exclusive design Cavalls del Vent®
  • Official Track of Cavalls del Vent®
  • Nustriport® product
  • 27 tea box YogiTea®
  • Organic cotton bag YogiTea®
  • Sticker Cavalls del Vent®
  • Massage cream OXD®
NutriSport, Editorial Alpina, Buff, Parc Natural del Cadí-Moiseró, YogiTea Biológico, OXD
Cavalls Del Vent